Focus on outcome

All activities and projects undertaken by the Committee have a relentless focus on outcome.
In summary:

  • We are a member driven organisation
  • We will be inclusive with a wide range of members across civil society, business and academia
  • We will rely on our research to operate from a fact based platform
  • We will use a unique model of advocacy that takes a long-term, apolitical approach
  • We will be a think tank committed to sharing information that we believe will positively influence policy development for the entire region
  • We have a clear vision and are committed to bringing this into realisation
  • We aspire to playing a leadership role by focusing on issues that are critical to Canterbury’s future growth and development
  • We will work collaboratively with an influential group of members and stakeholders
  • We will be independent of government and business organisations
  • We will offer members the opportunity for participation and input
  • We will be thought leaders with a transparent agenda

Our founding principles

We intend to adhere strictly to our founding principles:
  • Independent and objective
  • Apolitical
  • Long-term
  • Inclusive
  • Research informed and evidence based
  • Improving prosperity and wellbeing


What we are

  • Membership

    A not for profit, member funded network that unites Canterbury’s business, civil society and academia leaders to ensure the sustainable growth of Canterbury – economic, social, cultural and environmental.
  • Think tank

    A think tank producing evidence based research through a network of academic and independent researchers, working collaboratively to influence policy and advocate on issues that will contribute to Canterbury’s long-term wellbeing and prosperity.
  • Visionary

    Strong advocates for a visionary long-term plan for Canterbury.
  • Collaborative

    An engaging forum where our members can collaborate and channel their passion for Canterbury.
  • Positive

    A drive of initiatives, policies, projects and activities to foster positive developments for the region.
  • Informed

    An informed commentator and credible advocate on issues affecting the growth and development of Canterbury, now and in the future.
  • CSR

    A vehicle for Canterbury’s business community to demonstrate their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (corporate responsibility is an imperative for safeguarding the sustainability of a business as a business can only grow if the economy and society are strong).

What we are not

  • A group focused on earthquake recovery

    While earthquake recovery is highly relevant, other organisations are focusing on this, and we will have a wider and long-term outlook.
  • An industry body

    Our members will be drawn from the community and academia as well as business.
  • A social welfare promoting agency

    Our members represent a wide range of interests including leading businesses in the region.
  • City centric

    Our reach will be broad and our advocacy impacts the entire region.
  • Political

    Our longevity of commitment spans political cycles, social, economic and cultural change.
  • An exclusive network

    Membership will be representative of the wider community.

The Committees For Cities and Regions Network

The Committee for Canterbury is now a member of the Committees for Cities and Regions Movement.
Currently comprised of 15 committees in Australasia, including Melbourne, Perth, Ballarat, Geelong, Cairns, Sydney and Auckland.